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An artist with a diverse approach to alternative hip-hop Jay-T is the moniker behind the work of Josh Thomas, a producer, artist and musician based in Tampa, Florida. Josh has been passionate about music ever since he was only a kid. Throughout the years, he broadened his creative horizon, picking up on various genres, as well as developing new production skills. As a result, he managed to develop a really unique sound.

His music is an engaging blend of hip-hop and alternative music, tipping the hat off to legendary artists such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar or A Tribe Called Quest, just to mention a few. What makes Jay-T's music special is the artist’s ability to come up with great melodies and forward-thinking arrangement ideas, blurring the lines between a wider range of genres and compositional aesthetics.

In addition to that, the production value of his music is absolutely stunning, with direct, clear-as-day highs and deep lows, that really stand out from the crowd. Find out more and keep up to speed with Jay-T's music, releases, and activities.

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